The Challenge of Corruption

Corruption has been for decades and continues to be the cause of global’s economic downturn, the main reason behind the breakdown of our social fabric, increased tribalism and class fights, heightened favoritism and nepotism in the work area and a hindrance towards achieving our dreams and aspirations.


According to the Failed States Index statistics many African, South American and Asian countries continues to rank highly as a failed states all majorly because of the state of corruption and bad governance in their countries.


In many countries today, the current leadership and the population at large is seemingly losing the war on corruption. This situation is attributable to the lack of political goodwill, ineffective policies and proposed solutions, weak laws and regulatory frameworks, lack of sustainable strategies and lack of active public participation in the war against corruption.

The Solution

The youth are between the ages of 15 to 34 according to global statistics by the World Bank and United Nations, and form an average of 35% of the population and those between 0 to 34 years form an average of 78% of the population in several countries making their contribution to nation building and in this case fighting corruption very critical.


They should therefore be involved individually and actively in the fight against corruption pledging not to engage in corruption and ensuring they participate in championing for a corrupt free world and speaking against corruption.

Our Partners

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